July 1-12, 2019

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EUCA represents around 30 thousand students and 194 halls of residence in twelve countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Portugal and United Kingdom). Established with the aim of enriching the academic and professional development of students through non-formal and informal activities, EUCA carries out projects and initiatives to promote academic merit, international mobility and the development of responsible citizenship. The objective is, through a personalized educational project focused on the acquisition of soft skills, to complement students’ academic education in universities.


From July 1st to12th, 2019

Duration: 2 weeks

Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Location: Lisbon

Language: English

To undergraduate students as
well as recent graduates.

Early application encouraged.

Today’s global managers need to have knowledge and competencies beyond those offered by university curricula. They must be able to analyze situations with clarity, make hard decisions and take responsibility for their actions. They have to find solutions to complex problems, while keeping in mind all the people who are involved in and affected by the process.
The AESE SUMMER SCHOOL program is designed to be a first in-depth contact with the business world. For two weeks in a relaxed but professional environment the participants will develop practical managerial skills, grounded in theoretical knowledge, in the areas of:

Company policy
Comercial and marketing policy
Operations, technology and innovation
Accounting and finance
Human factor in the organization

Nothing better than this is how it is and then being able to actually try for ourselves and arrive at the same conclusion.

João Moreira
Information Technology Engineer

The case method teaches us to really work in teams.

Constança Froes

AESE Summer School program is an educational experience based on the Case Method. Created by Harvard Business School, the Case Method is a stimulating process of training and learning in a lively and interactive format, enhancing the discovery and sharing of knowledge, while developing analytical skills.

Business cases are descriptions of real-life business situations, covering a range of geographic origins and sectors. Guided by renowned professors, the case method approach combines both analysis and action. In addition to morning class sessions, the program includes lectures, discussions, company visits and debates with professors and entrepreneurs.
Each case is prepared based on a real problem, similar to what a manager is faced with in the day to day work, filled with high risks, complexity and challenges. The analysis and discussion of the cases serves as a basis to develop the leadership skills of the participants, in a practical, real and demanding way, enabling techniques and tools decisions.

On top of gaining all this knowledge we also ended up making friends and this is a very important part.

Teresa Nobre Lança

Next year, when I start working, the skills that I learned here will be an
extremely useful step in the labor market.

José Diogo  Araújo
Renewable Energies

The program culminates in an immersion week spent in several leading companies.
Participants will be tutored by AESE Alumni, former participants of AESE’s programs, who accompany the groups during the weeks of training. Tutors will also coach participants in career management strategies and on business concepts related to the cases discussed in class.

AESE Business School, the first Business and Management School in Portugal, has been providing training and development for business leaders since 1980, according to a Christian perspective of Humankind and Society. Recognition of the School in the business world is the result of four essential principles that guide training at the AESE: a Culture of Learning; knowledge firmly based on the real business world, from a perspective of Management and Leadership; a wide ranging presence in the world; and strong, ethical and humanist values.

The transforming impact on its more than 6.000 Alumni, scattered over every continent, makes AESE a unique business school, a school of Leaders who want to learn, to make their mark and to transform the world.

When I signed up for the Summer School, I made it to complement my
training in management, an area quite different from what I’m studying at the university. It was really worth it.

Manuel  Vassalo

I think anyone who is interested, who is motivated and has initiative and creativity, will enjoy being here. It’s good for the future.

Francisca Queiroz

In the first week, the classes take place during the morning and afternoon and will be supplemented by individual and group study of cases. The cases studied on the previous day will be discussed in the following morning and afternoon in learning teams of participants and in the class sessions led by a teacher.

Classes start at 09:00 and can run up to 18:30.


During the second week, participants will conduct field days in business
organizations of different economic sectors.


Tuition (VAT included)
• 900 euros: general applications.
• 750 euros: children and grandchildren of AESE Alumni Members
  and of AESE Sponsor Companies.
• 750 euros: EUCA Network Members

Applications after May 1st 2019 - 1000 euros

Includes documentation and catering during the hours of the program.
Lodging and trips not included in the cost.
Early registration is encouraged. 

Program Director
Lúcia Vasco
Whatsapp [+351] 939 880 073
More information EUCA:

The fee doesn’t cover housing and living expenses. For accommodation you may want to consider the following university residences:
For female students
Campo Grande, 189
1700-090 Lisboa
Phone [+351] 217 581 205
For male students
Montes Claros
Rua Vera Lagoa, 5
1600-028 Lisboa - Portugal
Phone [+351] 217221 000
For further information please contact the staff of the residences directly.